Which Sports Guard is Right for My Child?

June 16, 2019

Dental injuries are common while playing sports. When your child is fond of playing sports, you must make sure he/she uses a mouth guard. Children are more likely to get dental injuries while playing sports and a right mouth guard can prevent this. Mouth guard can prevent accidental damage while playing sports.

How Do Mouth Guards Work?

Mouth guards act as a mouth protector that can preserve teeth or tongue from injuries at times when kids are playing their favorite sport. Often while playing sports, kids may accidentally fall which can create dental issues like a broken tooth or other dental injuries and mouth guard can prevent this by adding a protective cover over tooth.

What Kind of Mouth Guards Work Best?

Depending upon the requirements and the type of sports, right mouth guard can be chosen. There available different kinds of mouth guards:

Stock Mouth Guards

This is inexpensive and easily available mouth guard which can be purchased from any general sports shop. This mouth guard may not fit well with everyone’s teeth structure and thus is not a suitable option for many kids. As it is available at a reasonable price, it is commonly used as sports guard for sports like hockey and football. It brings in a fitting model for tooth to protect it.

Boil and Bite Sports Guards

This is the second most affordable mouth guard. They come with custom fit option and thus is chosen widely for kids. These guards are rubber made composites that come in U shape. When you wish to use it, you need to boil it. Later your kid can bite it to gain its right shape.

Custom Made Mouth Guards

These are effective mouth guards which come with custom fit options. They are personally created by dentists at their clinic as per individual patient needs. Custom mouth guards come in a different material that can meet well your child’s need.

Which Sports Require Mouth Guards?

Common sports where mouth guard is necessary can be basketball, volleyball, hockey, football, boxing, rugby, skateboarding, skiing, soccer, and wrestling etc.