The Worst Foods And Drinks That Can Affect Your Child’s Teeth.

September 1, 2021

At birth, a child’s baby teeth have a high possible chance of getting infected and decayed. This is because a child’s enamel (the outer surface of the teeth) is slimmer and delicate thereby making their baby teeth more prone to tooth decay. However, as a parent, you can prevent this from happening to your child by helping your child practice proper dental hygiene and eating good healthy foods that make the teeth stronger and healthier.

Proper dental care is important and should begin before a child’s first baby tooth erupts. Most parents think that because the teeth aren’t visible yet, it doesn’t need to be cared for. This isn’t true because at birth the child’s teeth have started to develop at the jaw area. Therefore it is crucial to take care of the baby teeth because the baby teeth help the child perform his or her first dental activities and also help the permanent teeth grow in the appropriate position.

Also, as parents, you should be able to control the kinds of foods and drinks that your child craves for. Children can have weird and distinct cravings including unhealthy foods. As a parent, you might feel the need to provide those unhealthy eatables when they begin to request so much for them. However, you should remember that cavities can easily affect your child which would also affect you as a parent. Sometimes these dental problems can end up putting your child in the emergency dental unit.

What Are The Unhealthy Types Of Foods And Drinks For Children?

It is not easy for parents when it comes to creating a diet plan that the child has to stick to with supervision. Though your child might protest against some of the healthy foods you provide but then with time they’ll get used to it and the results will be worth it. As they grow older, they won’t have to battle with serious dental problems that could have been developing due to the unhealthy food they consumed as kids.

Sugary Candies:

Of course, this tops up the list of unhealthy foods that can stain or spoil a child’s teeth. You should limit the number of sugary candies that your child takes. Most children love sugary sweets thereby making their teeth sensitive to sweet foods. This means that if they continue to consume sugary foods, their teeth could get infected and stained. This can also lead to severe toothache. Visit an emergency pediatric dentist near you if your begin to experience an unbearable toothache.

Citrus Fruits:

You must be wondering why citrus fruits are part of this list. Citrus fruits have nice benefits and they contain nutrients that are important to your child’s health. However, not all citrus fruits are good for your child’s teeth. Citrus fruits like oranges, lemon, and grapefruits should be limited cause they are excessively acidic and can spoil the enamel of your child’s teeth thereby making it easy for infections to penetrate the child’s tooth’ root.

Soda Or Sugary Drinks:

What does soda do to your teeth? Great question! Soda or sugary drinks are dangerous to your teeth. These are one of the things that stain your teeth and cause tooth infections. If your child craves sugary drinks, you should consider giving them milk or water which is healthier than soda.


You must be wondering why this is part of the list. You are probably thinking “why would a parent give their child alcohol?”. Generally, alcohol is bad for the health. As parents, you should make sure that your child isn’t able to gain access to alcohol. Discoloration of the teeth is caused by alcohol and teeth problems might also be linked to excessive intake of alcohol. Parents should lead by example and not allow children to learn how to take alcohol while watching them do that.

Starchy Foods:

Foods filled with excess starch like chips, pasta, and bread should be given to children in bits and limited.

If starch gets stuck in your child’s teeth and stays there for too long, it can be transmitted into sugar which can cause plaques and caries to build up in the teeth. This is why you should teach your child to brush at least twice daily and also brush after eating starchy foods.

Dried Fruits:

You should limit the number of dry fruits that you give to your child. Dry fruits can easily get stuck to the teeth and might also cause teeth stains that might require teeth whitening to get off or other dental procedures. It is better to prevent such dental mishaps from occurring.


It is important to keep reminding your children that ice is not food. Some children enjoy chewing ice. Ice is a hardened form of water. Water isn’t bad but chewing ice cubes can be detrimental to health. You can suffer from cracked, broken, or chipped teeth. Teach your children to drink water in its pure and appropriate form.