December 12, 2018

Mouth guards and sports guards bring many benefits to particularly younger patients. Our team at Islands Pediatric Dentistry provides a wide range of treatments that services that improve the health of patient’s smile. Pediatric mouth guards in Gilbert, AZ area available with the help of our experienced team. Continue reading on to learn more about mouth guards and see how you can choose the perfect one for your child’s specific situation and needs.

Mouth Guards in 85233: Why are They Needed?

Mouth guards provide an extra level of protection and comfort for individuals participating in active or high impact sports. You do not necessarily need a ‘high end’ or expensive mouth guard to protect your teeth, but it is wise to invest in a higher quality option that will last and do the job right. Mouth guards are also commonly used for children who have the habit of clenching or grinding their teeth during the night. A mouth guard adds a layer of protection that protects your teeth and jaw, especially if your child is affected by TMJ disorder.

Which Mouth Guard is The Best Option?

You can purchase a mouth guard in most sports good stores. They can be made available in several different options, including a basic instant fit mouth guard and a boil and fit mouth guard. Your child’s dentist at Islands Pediatric Dentistry can also provide you with a custom fit product that perfectly fits your unique smile.

What is Involved in a Custom Mouth Guard?

Sport and night guards in Gilbert are available with the help of your Islands dental team. The dentist will get an impression of your child’s smile and create a custom made mouth guard that fits comfortably.

If your child is in need of a sport or night guard, then contact our Islands Pediatric Dentistry team. Call us today to book your child’s next dental cleaning and exam and see how our experienced team can transform their smile while keeping it healthy. Contact our dental clinic today for more information regarding treatment options in the nearby area!