The Gentle Dental Perspective on Amalgam Fillings

January 1, 2019

According to our dentist in Gilbert, AZ 85233, recent advancements in dentistry have given rise to the gentle dentistry treatments. This is a new and great alternative to the conventional treatments which were used for several years. These dental procedures have been developed for preventing discomfort and pain in patients.

The gentle dentistry protocols consist of:

  • Patient control
  • Laser diagnostics
  • Two layer of powerful anesthetic
  • Low speed cool drilling
  • Micro-abrasion

These gentle methods are most beneficial to children’s dentist in Gilbert, AZ 85233, as children are more sensitive to pain and scared of the dental treatments. When looking for a dentist, it is always good to choose a dentist who follows these gentle protocols and you may be able to find many of them as dentistry department is evolving with the passage of time.

The Gentle Dental Perspective on Amalgam Fillings

The reason for popularity of the amalgam fillings is its cost effectiveness and ease of application along with durability and strength. However, with the advancement in technology, the compound became controversial due to the toxicity of the mercury.

Amalgam is nothing but an alloy of mercury along with various metals used for dental fillings. It includes copper, mercury, trace metals, tin, and silver.

With the passage of time, the dentists have started using composite replacements. Aesthetically, the composite replacements are more appealing. They are made of filler items such as silica and synthetic resin. The synthetic resin is used as it’s soluble, appealing and resistant to dehydration. It is also easy to use and relatively inexpensive.

[Silicon dioxide which is also known as silica is basically a chemical compound which is an oxide of silicon. It is found in sand or quartz naturally and has been well known since ancient times. ]

The pediatric dentist near you may suggest composite filling but the final decision is yours. It is good to have some information so that you can avoid any type of confusion. You can also investigate more on amalgam fillings and gentle dentistry before going ahead with dental procedure.