Speak with a dentist for kids about thumb sucking

April 1, 2019

Many parents have a lot of concerns about the oral hygiene practices their children have. This is important for parents, because dental habits formed in the childhood would largely shape the quality of oral health the child has for a prolonged period of time.

In our years of experience, dealing with parents and children of all concerns, we at Islands Pediatric Dentistry have come across a set of questions which all parents have for their children. Here are those very questions along with the answers you have been looking for:

Concerns with thumb sucking

The very first concern parents tend to have about their children is about their thumb sucking habits. Many a time, children at a very tender age start sucking their thumbs instead of going for a chew toy. Initially, this is just a way for them to satiate their itch since they are getting new teeth. But if the habit of sucking thumb is not corrected early on, it will remain there and can cause the frontal teeth to get misaligned in respect to the other teeth. The possible bacteria from the hand of a toddler entering his mouth are obvious. So, it makes sense to correct a toddler when he or she puts his or her thumb in the mouth.

Breaking the habit is not easy

Many parents often complain that breaking the habits their children have already inculcated is not easy at all. It takes a lot of persuasion and feedback for children to understand why they have to let go of a certain habit. Initially, when they are very young, children may simply take your opinion as instruction and follow it. That said, as they grow up, it becomes more important to challenge their own opinion. So, all you have to do is explain them the consequences of their actions. Ultimately, give them uneven options of either continuing with the activity or going for something totally illogical. Children love being treated like adults at times and can sense when they are being given the power to decide for themselves, even though by design it is a corrective action.

Visit a dentist for kids for help

A clever trick would be to make the dentist make all the corrective remarks, especially when it comes to habits related with oral hygiene.