Your Child’s First Visit

Your Child’s First Visit

Your child should have a first dental visit when the first tooth erupts or by age one. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests that kids see a pediatric dentist by their first birthday. Both dentists and pediatricians agree on this timeframe.

Many new parents are surprised to learn that dental visits should begin so early. But studies across the country have shown that preschoolers are developing more cavities. About 1 in 4 kids in the U.S. has experienced at least one cavity by age four. It is increasingly more common to see cavities in patients as young as two years old.

Your Child’s First Visit to Our Gilbert, AZ Office

To prevent dental caries early, your child’s risk of developing cavities first needs to be assessed. Also, parents need to learn how to manage a tooth-friendly diet, good oral hygiene and fluoride treatment to combat dental problems.

But there is more that parents need to understand regarding pediatric dental health. During your child’s first visit, Dr. Singh will discuss:

  • The proper way to clean your baby or toddler’s mouth
  • How to use of fluoride
  • Ways to avoid dental trauma
  • Teething and developmental milestones
  • A healthy diet and oral health

After the initial appointment at Islands Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Singh will recommend a schedule of routine follow-up visits. Six-month intervals are the standard, but the schedule may vary according to your child’s unique needs. Our Gilbert dental team will monitor your child’s growth and development and take a preventative approach to oral health.