Teeth Whitening in Gilbert, AZ

Teeth Whitening in Gilbert, AZ

A white, bright smile is a huge confidence booster for patients at any age, including kids and teens. Therefore, what can be done if your child has yellowy, or discolored teeth? These days, more parents are seeking professional teeth whitening for children to help improve how kids feel about themselves and the look of their smiles.

Children’s Teeth Whitening in Gilbert, AZ

At Islands Pediatric Dentistry, we want all our patients to have healthy teeth and feel confident about their smiles. We offer a variety of children’s teeth whitening and bleaching options to brighten the look of discolored teeth.

What Is Teeth Whitening for Children?

The non-invasive teeth whitening process involves the use of a professional bleaching agent to whiten the shade of natural tooth enamel. Children’s teeth whitening brightens and enhances the appearance of their smiles.

When Is Teeth Whitening for Children in Gilbert Used?

At Islands Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Rez may recommend children’s teeth whitening for the following reasons:

  • White spots on teeth following braces
  • Fluorosis caused by excessive fluoride exposure during tooth development
  • Tooth staining from antibiotic use or other medications

You and your child would like to achieve a whiter and brighter smile.

What Does the Teeth Whitening Process Entail?

We use several different bleaching methods at our Gilbert, AZ dental clinic. Different teeth whitening options for children involve different steps. Depending on each child’s needs and the desired results, Dr. Rez will determine the treatment approach for the optimal outcome.

Sometimes, prescription whitening strips will be recommended for use at home.