Space Maintainers

Space Maintainers

Your child’s baby teeth obviously won’t stick around forever. But for your child, they will serve as placeholders for when their permanent adult teeth come about. Eventually, those teeth will push out the baby teeth as they make their way through.

However, the natural cause of time may not always be the case. Injury or disease may cause a child to lose their tooth prematurely. Due to this, the permanent tooth may still shift to that space that could be reserved for another tooth. When this happens, permanent teeth can erupt in the wrong places or may never erupt at all.

As a result, this could lead to crowded or crooked teeth. Your family dentist has a solution for this type of dental situation. The solution is known as a space maintainer. The purpose of a space maintainer is to help your child develop the best bite possible, so the need for braces does not happen as they get older.

A space maintainer is an appliance made of metal or plastic and can be attached or removable. Regardless, a space maintainer will still have the same purpose. But what is the difference?

The Difference Between Attached and Removable

An attached space maintainer is cemented onto the adjacent teeth. It consists of a band that goes around a tooth and a wire loop that extends from the band that holds the space. This is an option that is recommended for younger children since they are hard to fidget with. This will also less likely cause the appliance to be broken or misplaced.

A removable space maintainer is self-explanatory. They are compared to your traditional retainers that are worn during a post-orthodontic treatment such as braces. This is a better option for older children since they can handle the responsibility of taking care of the appliance properly.

Does Your Child Need a Space Maintainer? We Can Help

If your child has lost a tooth prematurely, they may need a space maintainer to ensure that your teeth are growing properly. To set an appointment, please contact us today.