Resin Infiltration (Icon) in Gilbert, AZ

Resin Infiltration (Icon) in Gilbert, AZ

ICON dental resin infiltration is a system used in Gilbert to treat early-stage cavities without any drilling. Resin infiltration is also used to repair white spots on teeth.

How Can Resin Infiltration in Gilbert, AZ Treat Cavities?

When enamel has been broken down by plaque acids, teeth are more porous. Resin infiltration seals the tooth surface so that acids can’t penetrate the barrier. This process is very effective at stopping the progression of dental caries from the start. The result is a healthier tooth without any drilling.

How Can Resin Infiltration Eliminate White Spots?

White spots commonly occur as the result of wearing dental braces. This is a very common condition for orthodontic patients. ICON is an effective approach for removing white spots from teeth. Resin infiltration is a gentle treatment that fills in the areas where the tooth is discolored and porous, with healthy existing tooth enamel. This cutting-edge method is typically used on front teeth that are the most visible.

What Are the Benefits of Icon Dental Resin Infiltration?

There are many advantages to using ICON dental resin infiltration in Gilbert, AZ, including:

  • The process is painless
  • No drilling is involved
  • The procedure is performed in our Gilbert office
  • It stops cavities at the beginning stage
  • ICON preserves the healthy tooth structure
  • A gentle treatment for hard-to-reach cavities (between teeth)
  • No need to prepare a healthy tooth, no loss of hard tissue, or drilling

Dental resin infiltration is a safe and effective, non-invasive treatment for cavities and the removal of white spots in Gilbert, AZ.