Nitrous Oxide For Children

Nitrous Oxide For Children

For children, a visit to a dentist can be a scary thing for them. Their fear can be at such a level that a dentist’s attempts to treat a child can be difficult. Your family dentist understands this completely. We want every child’s dental visit to be as comfortable and less scary as possible. In certain situations, if a child is very uncomfortable, we provide the option to administer nitrous oxide, which is a gas that is used to sedate or calm down the child.

How Nitrous Oxide Is Used

Nitrous Oxide is typically administered by the use of a mask. The dentist will apply a small mask over your child’s nose so they can inhale a safe amount of nitrous oxide. The dose will be enough for them to relax for the duration of the procedure. The child will feel like they’re “floating” while they are completely relaxed.

Once the child is calm, the dentist can proceed with the dental procedure as planned. It should be noted that nitrous oxide should not be confused for a local anesthetic. It is considered what is known as an anxiolytic or an anxiety reducer. For some pediatric dental procedures, an injectable local anesthetic may not even be needed. If needed, they will be able to stay awake but remain relaxed due to the nitrous oxide. They will be able to speak and be aware of their surroundings.

Once the procedure is finished, the nitrous oxide is removed, and the effects will quickly wear off once the child is breathing oxygen again.

Know Before It’s OK

A child who may be extremely anxious about a dental procedure can be administered nitrous oxide before a procedure occurs. However, before it is done, the dentist must be aware of your child’s medical history. This includes what types of medication they are taking. It’s important to make the procedure as safe as possible and know of any medical issues that may create a cause for concern.

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