Mouth Guards & Night Guards in Gilbert, AZ

Mouth Guards & Night Guards in Gilbert, AZ

Playing kids sports is a rite of passage for many youngsters. Some children participate on a team from little league age all the way through college. Regardless of the game of choice, all players should wear proper protective gear, including a helmets shoulder pads, cleats, shin guards and a pediatric mouth guard.

Pediatric Mouth Guards in Gilbert, AZ

While some parents may think an over-the-counter children’s mouth guard will suffice, they may not understand the risk. Store-bought mouth guards do not provide a perfect fit. Without proper protection, a child is at risk for tooth or mouth damage during play. A professional pediatric mouth guard with be custom made to fit only your child’s mouth and remain comfort and snug throughout the game.

There are several reasons why a professional children’s mouth guard is better than a store-bought brand, including:

  • There is less chance of a properly fitted mouth guard falling out
  • Professional pediatric mouth guards are more comfortable to wear
  • Better protection for your child’s teeth and mouth
  • Long lasting and more durable than store-bought brands

A custom-made mouth guard can be completed in just two appointments. During the first visit, a mold and images of your child’s mouth are taken. Next, measurements and the mold will be sent to a lab where the pediatric mouth guard will be crafted. Once complete, your child will have the second visit, and we will make sure the mouth guard fits properly and adjust if needed. Now, your child is free to frolic and play hard where the proper protection.