Gilbert Sedation Dentistry & Anaesthesia Options

Gilbert Sedation Dentistry & Anaesthesia Options

Despite being a child-friendly dental office with compassionate staff, we understand that dental treatment can be a scary experience for little ones. Between meeting new people, the weird noises equipment makes and the intimidating atmosphere, a dental office typically isn’t your child’s favorite place to be. At Islands Pediatric Dentistry, we recommend that parents come into the examination room if their child experiences anxiety as it can often reassure and comfort them. In the event your child still experiences anxiety, Islands Pediatric Dentistry is proud to offer various options for sedation dentistry in Gilbert, AZ. Sedation dentistry can make your child’s experience more relaxing, smooth and comfortable while also making the appointment less stressful for you.

Nitrous Oxide

Does your child suffer from mild dental anxiety? Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a colorless, sweet-smelling blend of nitrous oxide and oxygen. As nitrous oxide is inhaled, it provides a relaxed, giggly and happy feeling, allowing your child to relax while receiving treatment. Nitrous oxide sedation dentistry is a safe option that can help your child remain calm while receiving the dental care they need. For more information about nitrous oxide, click on the following helpful link from AAPD.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Does your child experience more moderate dental anxiety? Dr. Rez may suggest oral conscious sedation in this situation. Oral conscious sedation is a sweet-flavored medical liquid which is administered to help your child quickly relax. Some children may even become lightly sleepy. Although your child will be relaxed, they will still be able to properly communicate and follow directions during treatment. For children with special needs, oral conscious sedation can be a great option. For more information about oral conscious sedation, click on the following helpful link from AAPD.

General Anesthesia

Does your child suffer from more severe dental anxiety? Dr. Rez may suggest general anesthesia for your child in the event that they have severe anxiety. General anesthesia is administered at Islands Pediatric Dentistry and puts your child into a deep sleep. During treatment, Dr. Rez works alongside a board-certified anesthesiologist who monitors your child the entire time he or she is under anesthesia. Following treatment, your child will remain in our care for a brief period and then be discharged into your care. For more information about general anesthesia, click on the following helpful link from AAPD.

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Think your child could benefit from our Gilbert sedation dentistry options? Contact Islands Pediatric Dentistry today to schedule their appointment and make sure to ask our dentist about an appointment with sedation dentistry. We look forward to providing the exceptional dental care your little one deserves.