Dental Sealants in Gilbert, AZ

Dental Sealants in Gilbert, AZ

So far, there is no foolproof way to prevent tooth decay and diseases. Yet, pediatric dental sealants have been proven to help maintain oral health, along with proper hygiene practices and professional teeth cleanings. The experienced dentists at Islands Pediatric Dentistry evaluate children’s teeth on the first visit and determine the best time to apply sealants. Sometimes, sealants on children’s teeth are placed at the same appointments as fillings.

What Are Dental Sealants for Children in Gilbert, AZ?

Dental sealants for kids are thin, coatings that get painted onto the chewing surfaces of molars. The protective layer creates a barrier between the deep pits and grooves and food debris and enamel eroding bacteria. These hard to reach areas are most susceptible to plaque buildup and decay. Dental sealants for children in Gilbert, AZ smooth out the surfaces making it easier to clean back teeth.

When Should Dental Sealants for Kids Be Applied?

We apply sealants in Gilbert. AZ once the 6-year molars erupt, or as the back teeth appear between ages 6 and 16 to help prevent cavities.

How Are Sealants Applied to Children’s Teeth?

Dental sealants for children in Gilbert, AZ are applied in-office at Islands Pediatric Dentistry. The process is quick and easy. We start by cleaning the tooth and then painting the protective substance onto the enamel. Soon, it will harden and bond with the outer structure of the tooth, creating a shield against decay. The whole painless process takes only a few minutes.