Composite Resin Fillings in Gilbert, AZ

Composite Resin Fillings in Gilbert, AZ

When kids develop cavities, and drill-free resin infiltration is not a suitable option, Dr. Rez uses composite resin fillings to restore oral health. However, the appropriate filling type used is based on each patient’s unique needs.

What Are Kids Composite Resin Fillings in Gilbert, AZ?

Composite resin or white fillings are a restorative material made of a tooth-colored quartz or glass mixture, used to fill cavities and prevent the spread of decay. The technique for applying composite resin is very sensitive; the tooth must be very dry during the procedure, free of saliva and any contaminants. Therefore, Dr. Rez may recommend sedation dentistry to calm wiggly young children, to ensure an optimal outcome

When Are Composite Resin Fillings the Best Option?

White fillings are typically used for minor to mid-size restorations. Composite resin provides strength, durability and fracture resistance. Also, these white fillings are tooth-colored to closely match your child’s natural teeth, for more visual appeal.

What is Involved in the Application of Composite Resin Fillings?

Kids composite resin fillings in Gilbert, AZ are placed under local anesthesia. Once the treatment area is numbed completely, using a small dental drill, Dr. Rez will remove all decay from the affected tooth and prepare the area for placement of the white filling. Then the resin will be layered on and allowed to harden under a specialized light. Lastly, a dental sealant will be painted over the filling to provide further cavity protection.