Common Oral Health Problems

Common Oral Health Problems

There are many common oral health problems that impact children. Therefore, our team at Islands Pediatric Dentistry, takes a preventative approach to dental health. We want to stop mouth problems before they start. But when an oral health issue arises such as tooth decay, gum disease (periodontitis), bad breath (halitosis) or canker sores your Gilbert, AZ dentist can diagnose and treat these conditions to eliminate painful or bothersome symptoms.

Common Dental Problems

Tooth decay is very common, yet preventable. Repeated exposure to sugars and starches cause harmful acids to form and break down tooth enamel. Foods like candy, cookies, soft drinks and juices leave sticky deposits on young teeth. This substance bonds with mouth bacteria and creates plaque which demineralizes the tooth structure which leads to decay.

Gum disease is a serious health threat that causes redness, inflammation, tooth and bone loss. Kids can develop the initial stage, called gingivitis when they have excessive amounts of plaque. Gum disease starts with a film of sticky bacteria-filled plaque. Telltale signs are red and swollen gums that bleed easily, especially when brushing and flossing.

Good oral hygiene habits help prevent bacteria and plaque buildup and eliminates leftover food debris. When food particles are not removed, bad breath can result. Consistent bad breath can be a sign of a serious health problems like gum disease or something internal. But in most cases, persistent bad breath is caused by sinus problems, allergies, or tonsil and adenoid concerns.

Canker sores, are small white or gray ulcers inside the mouth. The condition typically lasts for one or two weeks. Antimicrobial mouthwashes or topical treatments can reduce the duration of an outbreak.