Reasons to Call an Emergency Pediatric Dentist

August 30, 2017

There is no way to plan for when someone will need an We understand that and offer appointments to patients with little or no notice. We know that when a child wakes up with terrible tooth pain or suffers damage on the playground, it is necessary for them to receive immediate care so that they can go back to living a full and healthy life free from pain.

Parents understand how difficult it can be for a young child to struggle with tooth pain and our goal is to make sure they never have to. With that in mind, call our clinic if there is a problem. Some of the reasons that patients need an emergency pediatric dentist can include:

#1. Tooth Decay

If a child has a severe toothache it is probably due to tooth decay. Initially, a patient will probably not notice that they have a cavity in the early stages. Most children do not complain about cavities until the pain becomes bad enough for them to no longer ignore it. This pain can create an emergency situation where parents must seek immediate care or let their child suffer from excruciating pain.

The pain can be so bad that it becomes impossible for the child to go to school or even focus on watching a movie. In this situation, we get a lot of frantic calls from parents. We make room for emergency appointments in this situation, when possible.

#2. Chipped Tooth

It is very easy for a child to chip or crack a tooth while on the playground, playing sports, or even wrestling with their sibling at home. When this happens, it will negatively impact their parents but more importantly, it can lead to a dental infection. Bacteria can enter the tooth through the crack or chip and lead to a situation where a root canal or extraction becomes necessary.

Parents can avoid all of this by visiting our emergency pediatric dentist office for an immediate restoration following the accident. We can typically complete the restoration in the same visit.

#3. Knocked-Out Tooth

It is normal for children’s teeth to fall out but they should not be knocked out in an accident. If they are, it is important for a child to visit our clinic so that we can examine the mouth and make sure there is no damage to other teeth or the gums. We will also want to inspect the area and may recommend solutions like a spacer to prevent future overcrowding.

#4. Dental Abscess

A dental abscess is a serious infection that needs to be treated right away. It generally manifests itself as a large bump on the gums. We treat this sometimes by draining the fluid but in all cases, we need to prescribe antibiotics. Once the antibiotics have run their course, we can remove the infection or decay that is causing the problem in the first place.

Call For Help

If your child is in need of an emergency pediatric dentist, call our office. We can treat them right away and get them on the road to recovery.