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News from a Kid Friendly Dentist: New Dental Caries Risk Identified

September 15, 2017

Bringing your child to a is a good way to ensure that they stay in good oral health. We can clean their teeth, remove tooth decay and restore them as necessary. Additionally, it is important to take steps at home to keep their teeth healthy. This includes brushing and flossing daily, eating a healthy diet and staying away from secondhand smoke.

Dangers Of Secondhand Smoke

In a study reviewed by the American Dental Association, ADA,, there is a link between oral health problems and exposure to smoke. While there have been numerous studies on the impact that smoking directly has on oral health, there has not been a lot of information about the impact secondhand smoke could have in young children. This makes the study of particular interest to us as a kid friendly dentist.

Secondhand Smoke Can Increase The Risk Of Dental Caries

The study, completed in Kobe, Japan found that when a child was exposed to secondhand smoke as an infant, they were more likely to develop dental caries by the time they were three years old. With a diverse group of participants, it is safe to conclude that their findings are relatively accurate. The results display that secondhand smoke can be dangerous to the teeth even before of surrounding individuals who never touch a cigarette. This speaks to an incredible level of toxicity and should have parents concerned about their child’s exposure.

Reducing The Risk

Fortunately, reducing a child’s exposure to secondhand smoke is something that is very much within the ability of a parent to do. Parents who smoke can choose to do so outside and away from their children. Even parents who do not smoke themselves but have friends and family who do can ask them to please smoke outside and not near the child. Additionally, ventilation systems and fans can be installed in the home to ensure that the air quality remains pure.

It is important to note that these steps need to be taken as soon as a child is born, rather than waiting for them to become older. Again, the study looked at the long-term impacts of secondhand smoke exposure to the teeth of infants. These young babies did not have teeth erupted into the gums yet so the smoke can cause an impact essentially from birth.

Bring Them To A Kid Friendly Dentist

In our dentist office, we treat children on a regular basis and enjoy doing so. We recommend that any child who has a greater risk for developing carries should visit our office a minimum of twice per year. This allows us to clean their teeth and remove plaque and tartar, two risk factors for developing caries. With ongoing preventive care, we can help a child to remain in good oral health.

The same is true for children who are exposed to secondhand smoke. The best option is to avoid smoking near a child but if they are exposed, they need to visit our office on a regular basis. They will be comfortable when doing so because we have set up our office and processes to be kid-friendly.

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