September 28, 2018

Your children may already be using different oral health care products with fluoride in them. However, our staff at Islands Pediatric Dentistry offers topical fluoride treatments for additional strength and protection on your children’s teeth. This is a method that cannot be found over the counter or in toothpastes. Continue reading to learn of nine things you should know about topical fluoride treatments.

  • FLUORIDE IS A NATURAL MINERAL. The mineral fluorite is found in rocks, soil, and many bodies of water.
  • PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE TREATMENTS ARE WORTH THE COST. Investing in a fluoride treatment will always be cheaper than the cost of restoring a damaged tooth. You can easily prevent tooth decay today.
  • FLUORIDE FIGHTS CAVITIES BY STRENGTHENING ENAMEL. Acid found in bacteria weakens teeth, which is why fluoride is needed to provide remineralization. This is an effective method of preventing cavities.
  • FLUORIDE TREATMENTS ARE NOT JUST FOR KIDS! While fluoride treatments are very common for kids, they can be just as beneficial for adult smiles. Anyone in need of extra protection can benefit from fluoride treatments.
  • PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE TREATMENTS CAN REVERSE SMALL CAVITIES! Cavities in the early stages can be stopped with the help of fluoride treatments.
  • PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE TREATMENTS ARE SAFE. Professional fluoride treatments can be used safely every 3 months with the help of your dentist.
  • PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE TREATMENTS DO NOT STAIN TEETH. Fluorosis can only happen when the teeth are still forming.
  • PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE TREATMENTS DO NOT HURT. A professional fluoride treatment can be provided in the form of a varnish, gel, or foam and only takes up to two minutes to complete.
  • YOU CAN EAT AND DRINK AFTER A FLUORIDE VARNISH TREATMENT. The most you will need to wait before eating is 30 minutes after the treatment. Fluoride varnishes do not require any wait time.

If you are interested in a topical fluoride treatment for you or your child, and contact our team at Island Pediatric Dentistry for more information or to schedule an appointment. You can also make an appointment online with our convenient online booking tool.