How To Fix White Spots On Your Teeth

February 14, 2019

It’s everyone’s dream to have spotless white teeth. But ironically many people have white spots on their teeth. These spots can be stubborn and difficult to remove with regular brushing and whitening treatments. However, you need not worry as the White spot treatment is at your rescue. Also, known as Resin Infiltration Treatment, it helps in reducing or completely removing the spots and defects from your enamel before they become a major dental concern.

What causes White Spots?

The White Spots in Gilbert can begin to appear on the teeth after you have gone through mineral loss of the tooth’s enamel which is known as hypo calcification. They may appear like a cosmetic issue at first sight but they can actually cause deterioration of tooth. The white spots can also be the first sign of cavity and should be treated as early as possible so that the extensive damage can be prevented.

The most common cause of White spot in Gilbert, AZ is hypo calcification which is caused due to poor oral hygiene during the orthodontic treatment. But there can be other causes as well such as dry mouth, consumption of acidic foods and drinks, excessive fluoride treatment, whitening strips, and genetics.

Resin Infiltration

When you go for resin infiltration treatment, the dentist will open the pores using hydrochloric acid allowing the resin to penetrate in the pores and fill the defects in the tooth. The capillary action allows the resin to fill the damaged area of the mouth completely. After the resin gets hardened, it protects the lesion from bacteria which causes cavity as well as reduces the appearance of white spots on the surface of the tooth.

Why Choose Resin Infiltration?

The treatment for White spot in 85233 is comparatively new but it is also one of the most effective and affordable ways of treating the white spots. Other options for treating white spots such as veneers can cause permanent damage to the teeth. If you are skeptical about the treatment, the dentist can help in offering more information on the same.