At Molar Bear Pediatric Dentistry we get asked a lot of questions by parents, some of which are fairly common. And, while we don’t mind answering questions we figured it would be easier to just answer the most frequently asked pediatric dentistry questions we hear each day! Got additional questions? Be sure to ask at your child’s next appointment!

We recommend that every child see the dentist at least by age one but preferably when the first tooth erupts to help prevent any dental problems.

Yes there in fact is! A pediatric dentist is like a “pediatrician” of dentistry, they must complete an additional 2-3 years of specialized training and are limited to only treating children. They specialize in children from infancy to young adulthood.

Depending upon whether your child has their first tooth or not, a washcloth or rag can be used to gently wipe and clean their gums. Once their first tooth has erupted we recommend a small head, soft-bristle brush. You should brush at night before bed.

Generally speaking no, unless the child continues the habit for an extended period of time. Most children kick these habits on their own, however we do offer habit appliance therapy for those that need a little help.

In most cases we recommend your child visit us every 6 months, which will allow us to properly clean any areas they may miss during their at home dental routine. If your child requires more frequent visits, we will let you know.

We recommend and offer custom-made sports mouthguards which are designed to fit properly and comfortably. These dental appliances can help protect your child’s teeth, tongue, gums, lips and even jaw from sports related injuries.

Along with routine professional dental care, it is important to practice proper at home dental care. Be sure to supervise your child while they brush and floss. A balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables can also help!