Dental Checkup For Kids: Health Through the Ages

November 16, 2017

We regularly provide a for kids in our clinic. We enjoy treating children. It is the focus of our practice and something that we take great pride in. By helping children to maintain good oral health and teaching both children and parents about the steps they can take on a daily basis, we are making a positive impact on the health of our community and invite anyone looking for a dentist to call our office to experience how friendly a pediatric dentist can be.

During the initial and ongoing appointments, we often get questions from parents who are confused about what steps they need to take at what times in order to keep their children healthy. We can answer any of your questions during a consultation but in the meantime, here is a basic guide for reference.

Birth To 24 Months

During this time, children either have no teeth or are teething. Parents are often confused regarding how to implement good oral hygiene when their children are so very young. The easiest way to do so is to use a clean and cool washcloth to wipe off the milk particles from a baby’s gums on a daily basis. As they get older, teeth will begin to erupt and it will be necessary to brush them immediately. Some infants do not respond well to a toothbrush, even if it is small.

A workaround is to purchase a rubber brush that slips over a finger. The parent can then place that rubber brush inside the mouth and clean the tooth and gums without causing a child any discomfort or concern. Then, when they are comfortable, an infant toothbrush can be used. Remember to purchase an infant toothpaste as well since this is safer if swallowed.

2 To 4 Years Old

At this young age, children may express more of an interest in brushing teeth. This is a good thing but they will still need parental help and supervision. Otherwise, it is unlikely they will be able to remove all the plaque that has built up on their teeth. We recommend using a rotating toothbrush if possible. There are many to choose from at the local drugstore or they can be purchased online.

If one is not available, allowing the child to select their own color or character can make brushing teeth more fun. At this stage they should be able to spit out the toothpaste so switching to a fluoride toothpaste is best since it can help to strengthen their teeth. Children should begin visiting the dentist now so they can have regular teeth cleanings and benefit from preventative care like fluoride treatments and dental sealant.

5 To 10 Years Old

School-age children need to visit our office to receive a dental checkup for kids and teeth cleanings twice per year. We will watch for signs of tooth decay and treat them immediately. This is also the age where we will begin to monitor how their permanent teeth are descending and determine if they may need orthodontics.

If so, the children at this age will probably be too young for braces but may benefit from an early orthodontic treatment. Preventative care solutions are also effective during this age.

11 To 18 Years Old

This is a good age for children to wear braces if their teeth are crooked or they are suffering from bite problems. We will make that recommendation if we feel it is appropriate. During this period of the child’s life, we also recommend that children who play sports be fitted for a mouthguard to protect their teeth against any potential dental damage. It is common for us to treat patients at this stage for dental damage such as a cracked or chipped tooth as they become even more active.

Fortunately, we can restore teeth quickly and do so using tooth-colored materials so that all restorations blend in. It is important to continue bringing them to our office twice per year and making sure that they brush and floss twice daily. Even though they are responsible enough to brush on their own, these reminders are important.

Visit Our Clinic

As someone providing a dental checkup for kids, we suggest calling our office to schedule them twice per year. Bringing children into our office early and often is the best way to prevent future oral health problems. During these appointments, we can answer questions, provide treatment and help children to have the best possible oral health. Call today to learn more about our services.