Common Reasons For Tooth Extraction

May 16, 2019

When no dental solution can help, Tooth Extraction is the only option left for a patient. In case of severe damage or decay, removal of tooth is essential so that the decay or damage do not exceed further. For maintaining the overall oral health and hygiene, extraction of an effected tooth is the only solution left. Such cases may be:

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are third molars that erupt after 20’s. Many individuals do not face any issue with their wisdom tooth but for many it is problematic and thus its removal get essential. Removal of wisdom tooth is also essential when there is no proper space in the mouth for its growth.

Fractured Tooth beneath Gum Line

Improper bite can not only affect the tooth but may also lead to fracture beneath the gum line. In such cases, Tooth Extraction is quite essential because, without the removal of tooth, the fracture cannot be treated.

Severe Tooth Decay

In case of tooth decay, a patient may obtain treatments like filling, crown or root canal but if there is severe damage in tooth, extraction of tooth becomes quite essential. This is required in cases when cavity is deep and treatment can not cure it.

Advanced Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease is a type of gum disease that may lead to a receding gum line. It may further lead to pockets around the tooth. Extraction is essential in cases when there is not enough gum tissue left to hold the teeth in its original place.

Crowded Teeth

In case of crowded teeth issues, tooth extraction is essential. In such cases, there is no proper space in the mouth to hold the growth of tooth and thus it is must be removed to ensure proper growth of other existing tooth.

Stuck Baby Tooth

After baby tooth fall, new tooth will grow. Sometimes this process gets disturbed and baby tooth does not fall due to unknown reasons and in such cases extraction of these teeth is essential. This is done to ensure proper growth of the new tooth.