How Does Thumb Sucking Affect the Teeth?

The majority of infants suck thumbs through the first year of life. Most infants stop the habit without a parent’s effort. However, for some, the practice may persist into teenage hood. At what point should you int...

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Everything You Should Know About Tongue Tie in Dentistry

One of the rarely discussed oral problems in pediatric dentistry is the tongue-tie. Many children suffer from it, right from birth. If your child has not struggled with such an issue as this, it is hard to comprehend why...

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The Procedure for Getting Dental Crowns

When it comes to visiting a dentist, most patients worry over the pain levels. A lot of people with dental anxiety have it because of the notion of pain associated with dental procedures. While pain cannot fully be avoid...

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Root Canal Vs Tooth Extraction: Which Should You Choose?

At Islands Pediatric Dentistry, we are dedicated to providing quality dental care using modern techniques and equipment. While we do offer a range of services to the Gilbert, AZ, area, we also strive to ensure that our p...

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Fluoride Treatment 101

Fluoride can help to strengthen your enamel as well as prevent dental cavities. Although it is vital for children, fluoride treatment is recommended for all people. The enamel is the strongest part of the human teeth and...

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