Parents Can Help with Children’s Dental Care

When it comes to children's dental care it falls on the parents to ensure the children are doing the best they can to have optimal oral health. Sometimes, children tend to struggle with the idea that they need to keep … Continued

We Treat Cavities in Our Pediatric Dentistry

As a provider of pediatric dentistry, we treat dental decay (cavities) on a regular basis. This is a condition that most children will suffer from at some point, some, more than others. Our job is to prevent this as much … Continued

Dental Checkup For Kids: Health Through the Ages

We regularly provide a dental checkup for kids in our clinic. We enjoy treating children. It is the focus of our practice and something that we take great pride in. By helping children to maintain good oral health and teaching … Continued

Why a Dentist for Children is a Better Bet for Your Child

A negative experience at the dentist will cause children patients to avoid the dentist as much as possible. Just as a positive experience can instill a willingness to seek professional dental care and keep dental hygiene routines a regular habit … Continued

News from a Kid Friendly Dentist: New Dental Caries Risk Identified

Bringing your child to a kid friendly dentist is a good way to ensure that they stay in good oral health. We can clean their teeth, remove tooth decay and restore them as necessary. Additionally, it is important to take … Continued

Reasons to Call an Emergency Pediatric Dentist

There is no way to plan for when someone will need an emergency pediatric dentist. We understand that and offer appointments to patients with little or no notice. We know that when a child wakes up with terrible tooth pain … Continued

The Difference Between a Family Dentist and a Pediatric Dentist

A pediatric dentist and a family dentist can both provide quality care for your family. The biggest difference between the two is who they treat and how they approach dental care. Consider it as a different methodology, even though the … Continued

Should We Visit a Pediatric or Family Dentist?

Many parents wish to know, "Should we visit a pediatric or family dentist?" This is an understandable question because there are a variety of dental offices to choose from. Selecting the right one for your family is the first step … Continued

Tips for Staying Healthy from a Family Dentist

In our family dentist office, we do what we can to educate patients about the steps they can take to promote good oral health. Taking care of teeth is a lifetime activity. It is something that must start early from … Continued

FDA Warning Explained by a Dentist for Kids

As a dentist for kids, we regularly educate parents and youth about what they can do to improve oral health, including dietary and hygiene recommendations. We also provide information on newsworthy events that concern oral health. The FDA’s warning on … Continued