Allow Your Child an Even-Colored Smile with White Spot Removal

Achieving a beautiful smile can be harder than you think for children. For some, it only involves straightening teeth that were previously misaligned. For others, however, it can include a tiring list of corrections. But...

Read More June 21, 2018

Can You Use a Mouth Guard as a Night Guard?

Mouth guards and night guards both serve one basic function – to protect your teeth and mouth overall. So can a mouth guard be worn at night to protect against bruxism? Let’s take a closer look at both to answer this...

Read More June 8, 2018

Preparing for Your Child’s First Dental Visit

At Islands Pediatric Dentistry in Gilbert, AZ we recommend that children have their first dental appointment at our office once their first tooth has appeared. If that is not possible, they should see us no later than th...

Read More May 31, 2018

Nerve Treatments or No Nerve Treatments?

While many people have bad connotations of a root canal (also known as nerve treatments for younger patients), it is a procedure that can actually save your tooth and prevent the need for an extraction! How Does a Nerve ...

Read More May 3, 2018

Tips for Staying Healthy from a Family Dentist

In our family dentist office, we do what we can to educate patients about the steps they can take to promote good oral health. Taking care of teeth is a lifetime activity. It is something that must start early from the...

Read More April 3, 2018
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