Fluoride Treatment 101

Fluoride can help to strengthen your enamel as well as prevent dental cavities. Although it is vital for children, fluoride treatment is recommended for all people. The enamel is the strongest part of the human teeth and...

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Some Symptoms That Indicate You Need a Root Canal

A dental procedure for cleaning out the decay and the pulp and root of your tooth is known as a root canal. Your teeth have an enamel layer on the exterior, a layer of dentin inside, and a softcore within that extends to...

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Everything You Should Know About Dental Crowns

What Is A Dental Crown? It is a tooth-shaped dental appliance that is placed over a damaged tooth. It acts as a dental cap, which is why it is sometimes referred to as a tooth cap. A dental crown covers dental flaws by r...

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Composite Resin Fillings — What Are They?

When the subject of dental fillings is considered you will have two options along with your dentist to go ahead with the procedure. You can consider amalgam fillings that are made from a mixture of metals or composite re...

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Protect Your Child’s Teeth with Mouth Guards

Did you know in 2012, more than three million teeth were knocked out during sporting events? The irony is, these injuries are preventable with mouth guards. Moreover, according to American Dental Association athletes who...

Read More December 1, 2019
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