What Are the Dos and Don’ts before Tooth Extraction for Kids?

Nothing can replace natural teeth. However, if there are no alternative treatments to preserve your child’s tooth, the pediatric dentist in Gilbert, AZ, recommends extracting the tooth and provides them with space ...

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Should Your Child be Using a Tongue Scraper?

It is crucial to make tongue cleaning a part of the oral hygiene regimen of your kid- from infancy to adult stage. A tongue scraper is the most effective method to eradicate leftover food bits, plaque, bacteria, and othe...

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What Age Should a Child Go for Dental Cleaning for The First Time?

Children’s dental cleaning is an important part of oral health care for children. It’s recommended that a child have their first dental cleaning by the time they turn one-year-old. There are several reasons y...

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Tips to Stop Your Child’s Thumb Sucking Habit

Many babies are fascinated with their thumbs and toes and begin sucking them soon after noticing them. The thumb sucking looks cute initially but as the child grows, getting them to stop thumb sucking becomes a challenge...

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How Many Years do Composite Resin Fillings Last, And Are They Safe For Kids?

Research has shown that 4 out of 10 children experience dental anxiety. Some of these dental worries that children experience leading upto the procedure include fear of injections, fear of the dental drill, and fear of c...

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