Allow Your Child an Even-Colored Smile with White Spot Removal

June 21, 2018

Achieving a beautiful smile can be harder than you think for children. For some, it only involves straightening teeth that were previously misaligned. For others, however, it can include a tiring list of corrections. But now, your child finally has their teeth straightened and polished, their mouth healthy, and teeth whitened, but somehow there are still white spots on their teeth making them appear uneven in color! This can be quite frustrating, especially for teenagers approaching the years in which they have a greater concern about their appearance. But thankfully, it is correctable!

The stains typically form because of calcium loss in teeth. This can be caused by drinking or eating acidic foods and drinks while you are a young child. It can also be caused by having braces for an extended period of time while you are a teenager.

Keep That Smile Stunning and Confidence High

White spots actually do more than just ruin your smile on the outside. They can also make your teeth more sensitive as well as vulnerable to decay.

The removal process for white spots involves a revolutionary new tool that can remove them quickly and painlessly we utilize a gel that can open the pores of the white spot lesions and bring back the natural color of your child’s tooth as well as build up new stronger enamel.

The procedure is fast, easy, and affordable! Better than that, the procedure is also long-lasting. Your child can quickly achieve noticeable results and finally get rid of those pesky white spots. Now, all of your hard work will finally pay off.

If you have any questions regarding white spot removal for your kid’s teeth, then please give us a call today or set up an appointment to see us in our office.