7 Reasons for Using Composite Dental Filling

October 1, 2020

The introduction of cosmetic dentistry has been a radical change in the field of dentistry. Although state-of-art technology has eased dentist’s diagnosis, cosmetic dentistry has been a revelation in tooth restoration and maintaining the aesthetic value.

Aging, dental ailments, cavities, or trauma might affect your teeth. Both the state and appearance might be altered. A discolored or crooked tooth could be enough to dent your self-esteem. Dental cavities need to be filled up quickly to prevent bacterial activity.

What are Dental Fillings?

The dental restoration was a big challenge, even a couple of decades ago. Dental gaps were filled up with metal or amalgams. The introduction of teeth-colored composite resins can restore the functionality, morphology, integrity, and tooth structure.

The teeth might suffer from trauma or be infected and degraded by cavities or aging. Dental prosthesis and implants can restore the teeth’s functionality, but may not retain the aesthetic value.

Tooth fillings fill up the hollow portion created after the dentist removes your tooth or decayed portion. Fillings can also repair and restore a broken or chipped tooth.

What to Expect with Dental Filling?

Dental fillings can be used to cover up the hollow space created due to the removal of cavities. Often the cleaning of cavities can be painful, and the dentist might use local anesthesia. A laser ray is used, or a drill is made to remove the decayed tooth, depending on the patient’s pain threshold.

Repeated checks are made to ascertain that all the cavities have been removed, and the hollow dental cavity is dried before applying a dental filling. Glass ionomer or a composite resin filling is used if the filling is near the gum. The process completes by applying a “special blue light” that allows quick hardening of the layers of composite resin.

Materials of Dental Filling

Based on your taste, a dental structure, dental fillings can be made from varied substances. Metal fillings can be applied on the teeth meant for grinding as the molas. However, these fillings might last for more than a decade but can be costly as most noble metals as gold and silver are used in dental fillings.

Metal and amalgam fillings do not match your tooth color, and mercury used in amalgams can have a detrimental effect on your body. Tooth-colored composite resins have many advantages and are safe to use.

Why Use Composite Resin Filling?

Here are some reasons why you should try composite resin filling.

#1: Aesthetics

The color of composite fillings resembles that of your natural teeth and are particularly suited for the front teeth that are more visible than the rear teeth. Metal fillings can seem to reduce the aesthetic value.

#2: Bonding

Since the composite filling is applied in a molten state, they bond micro-mechanically to your teeth’ structures. Unlike the metal fillings, the composite resins bond well with the teeth and can provide mechanical support to the weak or chipped teeth.

#3: Versatility

Although the primary function of dental fillings is to cover up the dental gaps, composite dental fillings can also bond the broken or chipped parts of your tooth. Apart from filling the hollow cavities, composite resins can provide vitality and strengthen the weak or chipped teeth.

#4: Retention of Exiting Teeth

Almost all dental prosthesis need scrapping off a part of your enamel before administering them. The composite fillings can be applied on your teeth’s biting surface without scraping off the enamel to accommodate the filling.

#5: Safe

Metals can be dangerous for the roots of your teeth in the long run. Moreover, the noble metals are expensive too. In composite resin, you stay safe from the adverse effects of mercury found in amalgam fillings.

#6: Less Expensive

The composite resins are less expensive than the traditional metal or porcelain dental filings. Single composite resin filing might cost you about $200.

#7: Non-Invasive Treatment

Incorporating composite resins is a non-invasive treatment and can be completed in a single visit to the dentist. The dentists can incorporate painless composite resin filling at Island Pediatric Dentistry.

Our dentists and staff are trained to deal with dental issues of children. You can book an appointment and let your child’s dental issues be addressed in a kid-friendly environment at your convenient hours as we are open all days a week.