7 Benefits of Teeth Whitening

January 1, 2021

Discolored teeth could be a huge blow to your self-esteem. Fortunately for you, advancements in the field of cosmetic dentistry have made it possible for anyone to have teeth whitening at a dental office near them. A teeth whitening procedure aims at lightening the shade of your natural teeth. As a result, you get a brighter and healthier smile.

You could opt for professional teeth whitening, which is performed at the dentist’s office, or at-home remedies. Just ensure you have your doctor’s advice on both of these approaches.

What Causes Yellowing of Teeth?

Teeth discoloration is associated with the following factors:

  • Diet: Tannin-containing foods and beverages could be the reason behind your discolored teeth. These substances include red wine, coffee, and soda. They enter the enamel and alter its color.
  • Smoking: This habit is among the major causes of yellowed teeth. Stains caused by smoking are so stubborn, which is why your oral health will improve substantially if you quit smoking.
  • Illness: There are medications or medical conditions that could cause teeth yellowing. For instance, it is common for chemotherapy patients receiving treatments for neck or head cancers to develop yellow teeth.
  • Poor Dental Hygiene: Although neglecting your oral health could discolor your teeth, people that diligently care for their teeth may still develop yellow teeth
  • Excessive Fluoride: Excessive fluoride exposure, especially in kids, could cause teeth yellowing.

Whatever way you choose to whiten your teeth, many benefits come with this procedure. This article rounded up some of them:

Good First Impression

According to scientific research, your smile determines the first impression you have on people. Therefore, it determines if you draw people to you or push them away. Yellow teeth don’t exactly scream “good impression,” but teeth whitening is here to change this narrative. Whiter teeth brighten up your smile and change the way the people around you view you.

Improved Self-esteem

People with yellowed or stained teeth are always conscious. They do not wear their smile often as they are always trying to cover their discolored teeth. After a teeth whitening procedure, this will be history. Teeth whitening improves the appearance of your teeth and brings back your bright, beautiful smile. You won’t ever cover up again!

Healthier Mouth

During teeth whitening, the dentist removes any stains from your teeth. Resultantly, they get healthier and stronger. A healthy mouth equals a healthy body. Poor mouth health could lead to a series of issues later on in life, such as heart conditions, cancer, organ failure, or even death.


Unlike some other procedures that are complex and lengthy, teeth whitening is quite fast. First, you do not need any special preparation. You just need to turn up at the dentist’s office on time. Second, the longest a teeth whitening procedure could take is one hour, so you don’t have to alter your routine. This is also a convenient procedure in that you will only need a single visit to the doctor, and the results begin showing in no time.

Improved Hygiene

Seeing that many people judge others’ hygiene basing on their teeth appearance, people with discolored teeth are always perceived as untidy no matter how often they brush their teeth. To avoid people drawing such conclusions concerning your hygiene, it is best to get your teeth whitened.

Improved Mental Health

Teeth whitening will do both your physical and mental health good. Studies indicate that poor oral hygiene is associated with cognitive diseases in the long-run. Therefore, undergoing this procedure places you in a better position to evade this risk. It should also be remembered that worrying too much about your physical appearance could cause you mental frustrations. With a bright and healthy smile, you will worry less, and your brain will be put at ease.


Teeth whitening is among the most affordable procedures in cosmetic dentistry. Although most dental insurance policies do not cover it, be assured that the cost won’t dent your pockets. You only need to part with a small amount in exchange for lifelong happiness. Once you walk through the doors of Islands Pediatric Dentistry, our team will do their best to ensure you receive lasting results.