5 Pediatric Dental Advancements we’re most Excited About

January 16, 2019

The field of pediatric dentistry is evolving and when you work with kids, comfort and safety are of prime importance. It is important to make children familiar with dentists and make the experience stress-free for them. The modern Pediatric dentist in Gilbert invests in modern equipment and technique for making the appointments speedier, safe, enjoyable, and effective.

Here’s a Look at Pediatric Dental Advancements:

Early cavity detection with Diagnostic and Imaging tools

Catching decay in tooth during the initial stage is important as it makes the treatment easier and less invasive. Treating cavity will allow preserving the baby teeth and letting them fall on their own. The new diagnostic tool makes use of transillumination for identifying decay and other dental issues. It shines a light on teeth which allows seeing what’s going on inside and between the teeth.

Painless Injection Systems and Techniques

Another major advancement in Pediatric dentistry is painless injections. Kids are most scared of the injections which make dental visits dreadful for them. However, the painful injections and technique will improve the experience. It reduces need for anesthesia and helps kids in getting rid of anxiety.

Kid- sized dentistry

It’s important to use tools that are designed for kids instead of using adult tools. New and high-tech image receptors are being used for X-rays which performs X-rays when required and not as a part of routine. Use of pedo sensors is also an example of advanced pediatric dentistry.

Use of new materials

Use of newer materials has revolutionized the dental care by using durable and tooth-colored dressings. Plus, restorations have become aesthetic and free of mercury and metal.

Shift towards preventive care

With an increase in the dental knowledge and access to improved technique, there is a shift towards preventive care. The dental treatments these days have minimally invasive approach which tries to keep the tooth intact as much as possible. With regular dental visits, children have lesser cavities.

These are some advancement introduced in the dental industry for Pediatric toothache care in Gilbert as well as other dental issues.